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Here is a sample collection of some of the photo's I have taken. See more pictures in my Pbase Album at

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Here is something you do not see every day. In May of 2004 Katie and I were returning to SLO from visiting her grandmother at Leisure World in Laguna Woods. The 101 was closed north of Santa Barbara due to a fire, so we were taking the 5 to 41/46 and across into Paso and back to home.

Traffic started to slow and we could see emergency vehicle lights up ahead. We were in the number one lane as we got closer to the accident. There was a CHP officer was walking down the shoulder in the middle of the freeway. We noticed a helicopter circling overhead. As the officer got close to me, he stepped into the road with his hand up. All the lanes stopped and a few minutes later the car was shacking. The helicopter could not have been more than 20 or 30 feet above us as it came to rest on the freeway in front of us. They loaded a patient from the accident and took off.

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Here are some pictures taken of night scenes on the Bitter Creek and Western HO Model Railroad layout in Arroyo Grande. Over the years I have spent a lot of time at the BC&W working on the layout and just having fun.
P6223131-8X6.jpg (298206 bytes) What do you do with the stump from a palm tree? Turn it into a  fountain of course. Pismo Beach California.
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Winter in Bend Oregon.
P7203318-8X6.jpg (178102 bytes) Fun drift wood bench in Cambria California.
PB083609-8X6.jpg (329080 bytes) Sunrise in Santa Margarita California.
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