Things I Have Noticed



  • I am healthier

  • I had to buy all new clothes, $$ - I had to replace all my clothes two or three times in the last 18 months. I mean everything except my shoes. New pants, shirts, jackets, sweats, belt, everything and it cost $$$. At one point, I got three new pair Dockers for work; just over a month later they we falling off and I had to replace them!

  • My wedding ring was falling off.

  • My watch band is now on the fourth or fifth hole, not the last one.

  • I do not need to buy "tall" shirts. The shirts do not pull out like they used to.

  • I now have cold hands.

  • Cold bothers me more

  • Heat bothers me less

  • We used to keep the house at a comfortable 63, now we keep it at a chilly 68.

  • They used to not have my size at the store or the options for the XXL was limited, now they are out of my size at the store because they do not stock enough mediums.

  • I wear a hat and sweat shirt around the house all the time to keep warm.

  • My back and joints bother me less, I never had "back problems", but after working in the yard I would be sore and tired. I am still sore and tired, but not in the same way.

  • I am not as tired at night

  • I sleep better

  • I can jog. Before, I would have knee, hip and shin splint problems if I tried to jog, not any more. I can walk at a constant 4.5 mph pace for over two miles. I have also done a combination of jog (run) and walk for an over all speed of 4.5 mph. I have a GPS that I carry with me and measure my speed and distance. I have clocked my self running at 6 mph. Normally I will run for a quarter mile then walk for a quarter mile and repeat.

  • I do not have to rest half a day after walking in a 5 KM event.

  • I walk up the stairs in the house two at a time.

  • I do not lose my breath walking around at work. I work at Cal Poly University and often have to walk between buildings.

  • We do not cruise a parking lot looking for a close space. We head straight out to the middle of the lot where there are lots of open space, park and walk on in.

  • I wear undershirts now to help keep me warm.

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