Weight Loss Links & Books

   Here are some links to other web sites I have found. If you know of a web site, and I do not have it listed please e-mail me so I can add it.


  • Weight Watchers - The number one link is the Weight Watchers home page. There are lots of useful free things here and more tools if you want to pay a monthly fee. They post recipes and there is a chat area.

  • Debbie's Weight Loss Zone - Check out her restaurant link. She has contacted a large number of restaurants and gotten the nutritional information and the calculated the points.


Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan

This is the book that we used to start our weight loss plan. This book is where we learned to read labels and pay attention to what we were eating. This book is great, it is very visual. Dr. Shapiro shows color pictures of different and equal food choices, you see how much more you can eat if you choose wisely. Click on the link on the right to buy this book from Amazon.

Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The Visual Program for Permanent Weight

I say this book at the bookstore the other day. This is a newer version of Dr. Shapiro's book. I thumbed through it and I liked it.




Do you have a web site about weight loss or know of other good sites, share them with me, ww@schrempp.us

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