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01 September 2001

Our journey began in August 2001 when Katie decided she wanted to walk in the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. Read more about our training.

In September 2001 when we pushed ourselves to walk at 3 MPH. We weighed in at over 265 pounds each.

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07 October 2001

Bob and Katie ready to go on a training walk.

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08 December 2001

The temperature started to drop, and we started to bundle up more.

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26 January 2002

Katie and Bob walking in Atascadero one fine warm weekend in January.

January 2002, we both had our annual physicals. This is the first time we weighed in. After 6 months of training we were both at 265 pounds.

Bob's cholesterol is 242, LDL 144 and HDL 38. His doctor told him to cut back on fats, sugars, bread, white rice, potatoes and pasta. He also wanted to recheck his cholesterol in 6 months.

While I was home sick one day, Bob saw Dr. Shapiro on Oprah talking about his book "Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan". We got his book, started to eat better and ramped up training.

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03 February 2002

Bob and Katie walking the Bob Jones Trail at Avila Beach. Can you believe the weather!


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07 April 2002

Before and after the Wine Country Half Marathon. You can see some weight loss in our faces.

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18 May 2002

We went to San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers Race (Walk). On Saturday, we walked 18 miles in SF and then on Sunday we walked in the Bay To Breakers.


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12 July 2002

Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, Day 1. Katie walked, Barbara (her mom) was a volunteered worker and I chased Katie in the car for three days. This marked the end of our training. To this point, we had not lost that much weight, we were eating lots of fruits and nuts while we were training. We walked over 1000 miles in 11 months.

The 3-Day walk is over and we are no longer training. We are still walking, but now we are walking 3 miles 2 or 3 mornings a week and 3 to 6 miles on either Saturday or Sunday.

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25 August 2002

We went to a friend's wedding. We danced like we had not danced in years. This was the fist time we could feel how much healthier we were. We only missed two or three songs all night long. It was unbelievable. If you look at the picture, you will see that we had not lost that much weight at this point. We were putting out so much energy walking that we were very hungry and ate to mach our energy output.

2003-08-25-B&K.JPG (323705 bytes)
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September 2002

Bob has his blood work done again. Cholesterol down to 208, LDL down to 139, HDL is at 36 and triglycerides are at 165. His doctor is please and says to keep up the work. We were eating the right foods thanks to Dr. Shapiro's book, "Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan", but we were still eating too much.

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04 November 2002

Compare the picture from August, you can see the weight loss in our faces.

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January 2003

We both have our annual physicals. We both weight in at 225, down 40 pounds in one year.

Bob's blood work comes back good, Cholesterol down to 182, LDL down to 120, HDL up to 40 and triglycerides down to 111. The walking and new eating habits are working.

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09 February 2003

We are on a plateau, we are eating the right foods and are active but, we have stopped losing weight.

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06 April 2003

When Katie was in high school, she joined Weight Watchers and became a Lifetime Member. She decided to return to Weight Watchers. Since Bob does all the cooking, he decided he should go to the meetings too, so he would know what he should and should not cook. In just one meeting, Bob was hooked.

2003-04-06-B&K.JPG (349664 bytes)
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1 June 2003

Weight Watchers has taught us portion control. We were eating the right food just more then we needed. We are off the plateau. We really started to see the change after we joined Weight Watchers, friends and co-workers started to comment.

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July 2003

Bob makes his WW goal weight of 185 pounds, down 80 plus pounds. Bob's personal goal is to stay at 180 plus or minus 3 pounds.


October 2003

Katie reaches her WW goal weight of 165 pounds. She has a personal goal of 153.


January 2004

Time for our annual physicals again. For the first time in a long time, Bob's doctor says, "Everything looks good, you are doing great, keep up the good work." Bob's cholesterol is down to 145, LDL down to 81, HDL up to 51 and triglycerides are down to 70. Bob's weight is holding steady in the 180 to 185 range, Katie is down to 155, close to her goal of 153.

February 2004

Katie reaches her personal goal weight of 153 pounds, go girl!


June 2010

For an update see "My Story" page.



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Just the Numbers
Date Weight Cholesterol LDL HDL Triglycerides
January 2002 265 242 144 38  
September 2002   208 139 36 165
January 2003 220 182 120 40 111
January 2004 182 145 81 51 70
June 2010 265